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Toyota Hiace

Toyota’s New Hiace Series for Overseas Markets Debuts

The new Hiace is built on a special revised platform that not only greatly enhances comfort and achieves advanced-level safety, but is extremely durable with excellent basic performance, making it suitable both for customers’ daily lives and for business. In emerging markets, where the automobile market has continued to expand throughout approximately the last decade, demand has risen for passenger transportation including tourist minibuses, private buses, and vehicles for use in logistics.

Main features


  • Two body types are available: Normal/Standard Roof and Long/High Roof.
  • everaging the semi-bonnet package, the Hiace’s most important features―its reliability, toughness, and functional beauty―are evolved and enhanced, creating an external style that suggests a comfortable and sophisticated space


  • Layouts with multiple rows of seats or increased storage space are available to suit various uses.
  • Up to 17 people can be carried in the “Commuter” versions―the most in its class―for private bus use.
  • A specialized interior and functions for comfort are adorned in the new “Tourism” versions.

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